Teaching Opportunities

As The McGhee Center's curriculum changes each semester, so does the faculty. We invite both Georgetown and non-Georgetown professors to apply for the exciting opportunity to teach at our center for a semester. Please see below for our current call for faculty.  Please contact Karen Wardzala, Assistant Director of Living and Learning Communities, for more information.

Georgetown’s McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies Seeking Visiting Faculty for Fall 2015 and Fall 2016

The McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies, Georgetown’s study abroad program in Alanya, Turkey, seeks expressions of interest from faculty members who wish to spend a semester teaching at the McGhee Center. Instruction is in English, and faculty do not need to be fluent in Turkish to pursue this opportunity.

The McGhee Center:

The McGhee Center is designed as a living and learning community, where students, faculty and staff live and learn about Turkey and the region together. The McGhee Center is located in the city of Alanya on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.  Classes are held in an Ottoman-era Villa with a library, study areas, dining spaces and panoramic views of the Mediterranean and the Taurus mountains.  The program travels extensively in Turkey, including 10 days in Istanbul and Ankara and excursions to Konya, Bursa, Edirne, and Antioch.  A mid-semester excursion takes participants to historic sites in western and central Turkey and we’ve also visited Cyprus (Fall 2013 and Fall 2014).

Course Topics Sought:

Faculty are asked to teach two courses during their time in Alanya. All fields and areas will be considered, but we are particularly interested in faculty who can offer courses on the contemporary culture, sociology, history, economics, or politics related to one of the following regions: 

·  Turkey and the Middle East

·  Turkey and the European Union

·  The Islamic world

·  The relationship between Turkey and the Russian/Eurasian sphere of influence (especially the Balkans, Caucasus, Black Sea, or Central Asia).

Courses exploring issues such as migration, the environment, emerging markets, business innovation/management, gender studies, health, and other topics affecting the region are also welcome.

Faculty Benefits:

Georgetown University faculty typically continue to receive their standard salary. Non-Georgetown Faculty normally retain their home university affiliation and arrangements are made between Georgetown and the visiting faculty member's home institution regarding salary.  In addition, housing is provided for all visiting faculty (GU and non-GU) in a furnished apartment located walking distance from the villa, downtown, and the beach.  Faculty apartments typically have two-bedrooms and include a moderately equipped kitchen and internet access. Many meals are provided daily with other program faculty, staff and students.  Housing and logistical support is available for faculty traveling with spouses or dependents.

Deadline and Requirements for Expressions of Interest:  September 12, 2014

Expressions of interest should be sent to Karen Wardzala, Office of Global Education, klw45@georgetown.edu

Expressions of Interest should include:

(a) a statement indicating why you wish to serve as a Visiting Faculty member.  As student interest in this program is often generated through the Visiting Faculty and his/her colleagues, please also share which other departments and students might find your courses of interest.

(b) a detailed course description for each course (2 required) you propose to teach; the course description should indicate the department in which the course will be housed.

(c) a copy of the Registrar’s summary sheets of your teaching evaluations for the past 5 years (GU faculty) OR equivalent (non-GU faculty).

(d) a cv that includes all the courses you have taught at Georgetown 9GU faculty); OR a cv that includes all course taught (non-GU faculty).

(e) All applicants should also request a letter from the Chair of your department indicating the department’s willingness to release you from teaching, the expected replacement costs, and your suitability for the position at the McGhee Center. The Visiting Faculty assignment request follows the usual chain of approval: faculty request to chair, chair recommendation to dean, dean recommendation to Provost, Provost approval. 

Please indicate which semester (Fall 2015 or Fall 2016) you are available.  If either is suitable, please indicate that as well.