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Testimonials from Fall 2012 Students

"Deciding to spend the semester in Turkey was a surprise to me, even as I signed the necessary forms, purchased plane tickets, and set off for Istanbul in August. I had not planned to study abroad, but I can easily say that my decision to live and study in Alanya was one of the most rewarding choices I made at Georgetown. It has been incredibly fulfilling to experience the development of the community here, one in which students, professors, and directors live and study together. During this program, I have bargained at the Grand Bazaar, sailed 1000 meters above the ground in a hot air balloon, and met with leaders of organizations seeking to improve the condition of human rights in Turkey. These memories will stay with me forever, and I am so thankful to Georgetown for the opportunity to see Turkey in this way."         Colleen Wood (SFS '14)

"The Alanya study abroad experience through Georgetown University's McGhee Center has been an unbelievable one. Course work focused on the Turkish culture and peoples, which helped so much as we embraced the society and land for ourselves. To actually experience and take part in what we studying for ourselves was a unique experience. Helping make the program all the more educationally fulfilling and fun at the same time, then, was the fact that the program also offered many opportunities for travels across the region, in which we actually learned a great deal about the sights we were seeing. Overall, it was a fantastic semester and I would strongly recommend it to anyone."         

Kourosh Shaffy (COL '14)