Non-GU Students

The McGhee Center program is open to undergraduates from other American universities and colleges.  Past McGhee Center alumni include students from Williams, Duke, Dartmouth, Middlebury, Elon, Wellesley, Boston College, and Sweet Briar College.

Accepted students will be registered at Georgetown University as non-degree seeking students for the term in which they are enrolled at the McGhee Center. Non-Georgetown students receive a GU transcript at the end of the semester.

The McGhee Center program is attractive to non-Georgetown students for a number of reasons including excellent academic reputation, small program size and class sizes, the living learning community experience and the location in a small town on the Mediterranean.

Non-Georgetown students interested in enrolling in the McGhee Center program utilize the same online application as GU students, however application requirements may vary slightly. There are both electronic submissions including an application essay, letters of recommendation and questionnaires, as well as materials that must be submitted in hard copy by mail which might include a copy of the passport, and passport photoes. Before applying to the McGhee Center,  non-Georgetown students should inquire at their home school for permission to participate on the McGhee Center program, and make sure that credits from the McGhee Center will count toward their home degree. As the tuition and fees of the McGhee Center program may differ from the costs at the home institution, please work with your financial aid office to ensure that your aid package can be used toward a Georgetown program.