Excursions and Study Tours

Excursions and study tours are some of the most important aspects of the McGhee Center program, and most weeks you will be heading out into the world to see how it compares to what you’ve learned in the classroom. Excursions are normally held on Fridays and include excursions to archaeological sites, museums, nearby cities, and places of environmental, economic, or political significance.

 Most excursions are day-long, but there will be one or two overnight trips as well. All excursions are required as part of the program, though some optional trips  may be offered. The cost of all mandatory excursions, including transportation, food, water, and lodging, is fully covered by the program fee. The schedule of excursions will be sent out prior to departure.  Please note that the excursion schedule is subject to change.  Past group excursions have included Edirne, Bursa, Konya, Antalya, Cappadocia, and Cyprus.

The program also offers a week- long study tour in SE Turkey, Western Turkey, or areas of Europe which are academically relevant to the particular semester's curriculum.