Sending Packages to my Student

The address for regular mail:

McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies
P.K. 81
07400 Alanya / Antalya

The above address is a post office box. Some express delivery services (FedEx, DHL, Express Mail) require a street address. In this case, please use the following address:


Student's Name- MCGHEE CENTER

Kaptan Hotel
70 İskele Caddesi
07400 Alanya / Antalya


Please include the phone number of the Kaptan hotel which is+ 90 212 516 7553. Letters to and from the U.S. typically take 1-3 weeks to arrive, letters from Europe slightly less. For time-sensitive items we recommend that you use an express courier service. FedEx, DHL, and Express Mail all work in Alanya. Local Turkish courier services also offer reliable express shipping from Alanya to domestic and international addresses. For international express courier service allow at least 3-5 days.

It is possible to send and receive packages in Alanya. Packages sent to Alanya should be mailed to one of the addresses provided above, depending on shipping method. (For normal postal mail, use the post box address; for express services use the Kaptan Hotel address.) The package will be retrieved by our staff when they are out on errands and delivered to the villa. Important note: Do not ship electronics (computers, MP3 players, etc.) or any other expensive items to Turkey. Electronics are heavily taxed in Turkey and your shipment will be held hostage in customs until you go through the arduous and expensive process of importing it. Other items likely to be stopped in customs include prescription drugs and high value shipments.