Contacting My Student

We recommend that students contact you as soon as they can after arriving overseas. Since the Villa and the student residence are equipped with internet access, we recommend email and skype as the most cost-effective means for communicating with your student. Please note, however, that Internet speeds and bandwith are not as reliable as in the U.S.

Most students will have cell phone access, but it may take a few days to get this set up. International phone rates will vary, but most U.S. plans carry hefty roaming charges; but sure to check with your U.S. service provider to make sure the student's phone is activated for international use and to inform yourself of the various calling/texting rates. Renting or buying a European phone or SIM card is an alternative - most incoming calls to these numbers will be free for the recipient.

We recommend that you maintain contact with your student, but not on a daily basis. This is a time for your son or daughter to gain the confidence of becoming an independent global citizen. Familiarize yourself with the program dates and your student's travel itinerary. If you have not heard from your student, it may be because they are on an excursion.